The aim is to bring you practical answers to your questions and perpetuate the best conditions for your property, which property management can sometimes be complex.

Aurignac'Immo management, property manager can assist you in efforts to find a tenant but also go further and assume full management of your property, you may have one or more properties.
What is the rental management or the role of the administrator?

The Agent (Management Aurignac'Immo) replaces the principal (You, the owner of the property) in the multiple daily tasks that can be administrative, legal or accounting. However, the owner remains the ultimate decision maker.

The term of this lease is:

  • the development of advertising your property,
  • visits to your property,
  • selection of applications,
  • checking credit ratings,
  • the drafting of the lease and the provision of mandatory annexes (Energy Performance Diagnosis, Finding risk of lead exposure, ERNT, state compensation claims) established by the owner,
  • the drafting of the inventories of input and output.

Mandate is:

  • Sending notices of deadlines and receipts to tenants Collecting rent and expenses,
  • The annual review of rents,
  • Regularization of rental charges,
  • The annual audit of certificates of insurance and maintenance (boilers, chimney ...)
  • Informing the Public Treasury, in accordance with law, each tenant movement for the housing tax,
  • Management and claims unpaid,
  • The preparation and dispatch of your accounts each month stewardship,
  • Payment of your rental income by bank transfer monthly payment of expenses to the trustee,
  • monitoring of maintenance involved with your potential prior agreement,
  • paying bills to suppliers (Water, electricity, work, ...),
  • The establishment of the support property tax return,,
  • monitoring of claims to insurance companies in case of water damage, fire, damage to property, unpaid rent ....
  • Owner representation at general meetings of condominium (optional) ... etc.
  • Management Fee: 7% VAT of rent collected,
  • Discount depending on the number of properties

Unpaid rent, property damage, legal protection

Unpaid rent:
not deductible, no time limit. Guarantee ceiling of € 70 000.

Property damage:
ceiling of € 7,500 per claim per lot, not deductible

Legal protection:
guarantee ceiling of € 3500, an action level of 230 €

Cost: 2.50 % VAT of rents and charges receipted.

Optional rental vacancy (the dwelling is not rented immediately after the departure of the previous tenant)

months rent excluding fees and taxes, with an excess of 1 month's rent excluding charges and taxes. 2.2% cost of rents and charges receipted.

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